Hi there! I’m a writer & comedian based in LA, who loves writing about wizardry, “nerd” culture, & politics.

I do a lot of other things too—improv, sketch, marketing consultation—but you’re probably here about the writing!

So! Why not check out some writing samples? You could take a look at my resume, too. If you need to drop me a line, please email frankie-at-frankiegbaby.com!

But that’s not all—I’ve got games! That I made!
I just finished my first game, Customer Service Simulator, a harrowing look at both sides of the customer service world.
My second is Moonlight Cove, a quest to build the perfect man-cove & seduce a mermaid (or merman, or merfolk, or fishmonster). It’s still in development—a one-man job at this point— but it will eventually be the coolest mer-dating sim you’ve ever played!

If you wanna come see me live, we can’t do it in-person due to PLAGUE. But! WizWorld LIVE broadcasts every Friday, 8PM Pacific, on our Twitch channel. We’re still having a blast & taking you behind the curtain of the magical world around you—come join us in the chat & have some fun!

We’ve also got a podcast, which you can find at https://anchor.fm/wizworldlive (and on every major podcast service).